Comparing Authentic and Replica Sunglasses – Pros vs Cons


It is important to state here that anything that has an original will definitely have a fake and this principle extends to top brands like Prada or Cazal sunglasses. However it’s equally important to state that there is a clear advantage in going for originals. They don’t give you problems in the long run unlike replicas that are cheap and inferior. Let’s go over some of the pros and the cons of these sunglasses, that is – comparing the original brand of designer sunglasses and their replicas – as it will help you to make the decision in choosing the original designer brands over the replicas and avoid wasting your money.



Below are a few factors or comparisons that will help you see the clear advantages in purchasing authentic designer sunglasses:

sunglasses-at-a-pharmacy1. The materials of the sunglasses: the materials that are used in the manufacturing of authentic sunglasses are high quality materials that are designed to last while the materials that are used to make the replica are inferior and are not built to last for long. Now ask yourself, if you’re constantly replacing your fake sunglasses at $20 a pop, are you really saving money?

2. The practicality of the sunglasses: the original brands of the designer sunglasses are manufactured with certain functionalities like polarized and shatter proof lenses. Imagine you’re walking down the street and a pebble gets flung up by a passing car and strikes the lenses of your sunglasses, if you’re sunglasses are fake, they’ll shatter and could do irreversible damage to your eyes. It’s doubtful that you’d be happy you saved a couple bucks in that situation. Moreover, there’s health benefits to wearing authentic sunglasses such as the protection they provide from UV rays, this simply isn’t the case with replicas.

quality3. The cost of the sunglasses: due to the fact that the materials that are used in manufacturing the sunglasses are of very high quality it makes the sunglasses durable while replicas cheaper in the short term, their probability of breaking is much higher. What’s cheaper, 10 pairs of $20 sunglasses or 1 pair of $150 sunglasses? We’ll let you be the judge.

4. The design of the sunglasses: while the design differences may be subtle make no mistake that replica sunglasses lack the attention to detail that make designer sunglasses what they are. The obvious factor here is that people can easily tell when you’re wearing fake sunglasses. They just look cheap, you could equate the difference to a comb over or perhaps a snap on tie. Fashion faux pas aside, the other major difference is comfort. Designer sunglasses are engineered for maximum  comfort. Comfort in replicas is either an after thought or not a thought at all.

5. The model number of the sunglasses: most original brands of sunglasses are made with model numbers that are stored at the computer data base of the manufacturing company while the model number of the replicas cannot be traced to any database as the whole essence of the model number is for them to be able to create an imitation of the original product.

sunglasses-warranty6. Warranties: with the additional cost of authentic shades comes with peace of mind that you get both a in house exchange or return policy as well as a manufacturer’s warrant. Some brands like Cazal Sunglasses offer a 5 year warranty on their sunglasses, so imagine how useful that comes in to play. Try chasing down the guy on the street who sold you a pair of fakes.

Now if you’re the type who simply loses their sunglasses all the time, you don’t care about fashion and you buy your sunglasses while in line at the pharmacy, then perhaps the pros outweigh the cons. This write up was geared towards those of you who are considering purchasing replica sunglasses of top brands in order to save a few bucks. You’ll likely find that the money you save on replicas is not worth the added risk you take.

Rock your authentic shades with pride!